Types of programs

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We are dedicated to helping small businesses minimize their costs and provide effective financing for their company. We understand that obtaining funding from the traditional methods can be a struggle. At Silver Tree Capital, we have a vast network of private lenders that are willing to extend credit to the small business segment. Exploring different options and alternatives for financing your business can be be a little complicated, which is why we urge you to speak to one of our representatives as soon as possible. They will help ensure that you are informed and comfortable with the process and are ready to take the next steps.

programs-ico Small Business Funding - Equipment

Sometimes in business you need to purchase new equipment in order to compete and provide new services for your customers. We know that purchasing new equipment, whether it be for a restaurant, medical practice, or any other type of business can be expensive and sometimes unforeseen. Instead of foregoing that purchase and letting your business suffer we are here to help you finance that purchase so you can go back to focusing on growing your business.


programs-ico Inventory Financing

Inventory is another major component of almost every business. Without enough inventory a business can miss out on valuable sales. We're here to help ensure that you always have enough inventory to handle those customer surges. It is an important concept to match revenue with expenses which is why short term financing (6-12) months make sense for inventory financing. Using out financing can help spur your company's growth and capture those lost sales. Generally our inventory financing range anywhere between $5000 and $250,000 depending on your need and business performance.

Some of our customers have used our funding to take advantage of wholesale discounts to stock on inventory and increase their margins . Others have used funding to stock up on seasonal goods before the summer or winter months. Whatever your reason, please give us a call if you think you might need some help with inventory.


programs-ico Business Expansion Funding

If you believe you might be ready to expand your business, whether it be new locations or offering new services at your business, a new funding from Silver Tree Capital can make it easier. Our funding - which range from $5000 to $250,000 - can help cover your renovation costs or a portion of your construction costs. Most our financing last between 6 and 18 months, which give you enough time to install the infrastructure and increase your profitability.

In the past, one of our clients used our funding to purchase additional ovens and a salad bar to increase the number of items they have on their menu. Others have used these funding to hire new staff with the prospect of growing revenues.

If you have any thoughts about expanding your business and require some capital to make it happen, please get in touch with one of our business consultants for a free consulttion.


programs-ico Temporary Cash Flow Funding

Sometimes in the course of running your business there can be unforeseen costs that might impediment your business. Seasonal businesses also have to spend money preparing for the next season ahead before they actually incur revenue. Temporary cash flow funding can help you bridge the gap and provide a safety net for your business. This type of financing is generally for healthy businesses that just need a little help covering expenses before they expect to pull in revenue.

Clients have used cash flow funding to fund the gaps between contract work and ensure that they can cover payroll while waiting on accounts receivable. Temporary cash flow funding are another tool small businesses can use to fuel their growth and ensure viability. While traditional banks might not support you, we at Silver Tree Capital can find a way to make it work to help your business.