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Financing Main Street

Our Services Might Be Right for Your Business If…

-You’re in need of immediate cash, but can’t get access to a conventional loan at a favorable rate. We're able to qualify more applicants and can provide capital more quickly than traditional banks.

-You are looking for more flexible repayment terms. We can structure a loan based on what your daily income is and take deduct a small percentage out of that. In fact, we can do it automatically through your credit card processor or your bank account so you don't have to worry about remembering to make payments.

-You can’t take on additional credit obligations. Cash advances, while similar to loans are not reflected in your credit report.

-You have a steady volume of sales, and your sales are projected to either remain stable or increase. Merchant cash advance companies generally require maintenance of steady sales in order to avoid defaults on their agreements.

- As an added bonus, if structuring the repayment through credit cards the repayment won't be a burden on your business. It will be a certain fixed percentage so if your sales decrease your payments will also decrease.

-You don’t have equipment or property that could be used as collateral for a traditional loan. Unlike traditional lenders we don't require you to personally guarantee or have other assets to function as collateral. Our loan is unsecured.

programs-ico Retail Stores

Retail stores are some of our best clients. Our financing services work well for these types of businesses and often provide a lot of value helping to catalyze growth. We know retail can be a very seasonal business with a large portion of sales coming during the holiday season. Electronics, jewelry, toys, and apparel stores all experience this type of seasonality. This can cause cash flow problems during other times of the year when sales are not as strong. Our loan can help keep your company strong during slower months and assist you in scaling up before the busy season.

In addition, if your store accepts credit cards we can structure it so that your payments are a function of your store's volume. If sales decrease your payments decrease. If sales increase your payments will increase. Therefore you are always available to maintain affordable payments.

Our goal is to help you focus on your firm and to not worry about funding. Give one of our specialists a call and they'll be happy to walk you through the process. It takes less than 15 minutes!


programs-ico Medical & Dental

A practice requires a lot of special equipment, tools, and inventory in order to properly serve clients with the best care. All of these things are expensive, especially for the medical field. We understand the value and importance of never compromising on care and providing the best experience for your patients. Technology is improving constantly but that makes purchasing new equipment expensive. It can be tough to secure financing in this environment but we can help you obtain the funds you need to obtain equipment, special inventory, and any other needs you may have.

We have extensive relationships with numerous dental and medical practices that have enjoyed a partnership with us. If you think you might be interested please give one of our finance specialists a call!


programs-ico Grocery & Convenience Stores

Operating a grocery or convenience store can be very demanding. Margins are often small and the business has to rely on heavy volume. These demands result in grocery and convenience stores being some of our top clients. With our business financing they are able to keep the store looking fresh and new by renovating and expanding their existing locations. They also utilize our financing to take advantage of the newest food trends and purchase inventory to sell. Many of our clients were able to take advantage of the recent organic craze. Certain items tend to also be seasonal and our financing allow you to stock on these items to ensure that you don't run out of stock and lose potential revenue.

An added benefit of running a grocery store is that we can make your payments based on your credit card receipts. If one month is slow then your overall payments for that month decrease as well! We are focused and committed to helping you grow your business. We want to be a long term partner and watch you succeed. Please apply or send us a call if you want to find out more about how we can help you.


programs-ico Restaurants & Eateries

Everyone enjoys eating out and being a patron at restaurants. We also know that they are very difficult businesses to run and can require a lot of investment. As a restaurant owner you have control over every component of your business such as, inventory, equipment, and staff. However, many restaurant owners have difficulty obtaining financing for their business. Banks also are not keen to lend to small businesses either in this current environment. We are here to help! We know that in the course of business there is always a need for working capital. It may come in the need for renovations to your establishment or improvements to your current equipment. We are even able to fund large amounts enough to help you open up additional establishments or start new marketing campaigns. If you restaurant also has a high credit card volume we can structure the loan to be based off of your credit card sales. That means that if your sales are slow in one month you will pay back less money that month. Give us a call or fill out an application to find out more.


programs-ico Other Businesses

While we listed several types of businesses above but please note that it is not an exhaustive list. In fact, many of our clients hail from all different types of businesses and regions. Our flexible programs allow us to work collaboratively with you to provide financing that is conducive to the success of your business. Whatever your needs may be we aim to be a long term partner with you and your business. Our financing services allow you to help grow your business and take it to the next stage.